Comfort in Japanese
Quality and One-Stop In-house Production

Fateful encounter

Industry veterans travel throughout Japan and even overseas to carefully select raw wood. One-of-a-kind raw wood that is decades to centuries old. This is the launching point for all World Wood Tokyo products.


An application is considered for the raw wood before it is turned into wood material based on an evaluation of its age, exterior appearance, grain, and shape. How the raw wood will be utilized is determined at this stage.

Taking time

Created wood material is then dried for three or more years. During this period, time and work, including replacing crack prevention material and stacking spacers, are poured into the wood. As time passes while we wait through the drying process, we imagine the post-drying shape of the wood.


Wood that has completed the drying process goes through the planer or other cosmetic processes depending on the intended application to accentuate the characteristics of the wood.


Wood transported to the warehouse undergoes further drying during the time before being delivered to customers. This creates even better conditions for the materials. Today, we boast over 50,000 pieces of material, representing one of Japan’s largest wood collections.

Craftsman’s dedication

All of our materials are one-of-a-kind. The craftsmen of our Wood Workshop engage in a conversation with the wood to gain an understanding the characteristics and quirks as they process the wood. The dedication that goes into each product lives on throughout the life the wood spends with its customer. That is the commitment of our craftsmen.